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Web Offset Printing Ink - Coldset

Product Details

Web Offset Printing Ink - Coldset  Code: HX


It is web offset coldset printing ink which is suitable for four colors press, using in offset printing and toppan printing, to print telephone directories, periodicals, textbooks and so on. It can meet the printing speed of 20000-50000 prints/hour.



1. Non-toxic, aromatic free, safe and environmentally friendly, SAS certificated.

2. Quick setting, lower tack, non paper wool.

3. Brilliant color, excellent saturation, sharp dot, suitable for double sided four-color high-speed printing.

4. Good adaptability and good transfer performance on paper


Characteristic data:  


Slamp Value


Web offset ink for books and periodicals                HX soy  Medium Yellow4.0-6.019-21≤15
                HX soy  Magenta4.0-6.020-22≤15
                HX soy  Blue4.0-6.020-22≤15
                HX soy  Black4.0-6.019-21≤15


IR: Ink meter at 32℃, 400RPM for 1 minute.

SR: parallel plate viscometer at 25℃, the determination of the extension of the radius in a minute