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Web Offset Heatset Ink

Product Details

Web Offset Heatset Ink   Code: HW 


Suitable for four colors web offset wheel machine with rotary equipment. Using for printing on coated paper and offset paper, to print pictorial, label, product leaflets and illustrations in newspapers and magazines, etc. It can meet the printing speed of 30000 – 70000 prints/hour.



1. Based on free of aromatic, hydrocarbon solvent (of content less than 1%) and soy vehicle to restrain the pollution to the environment and harmful to human’s health.

2. Based on high quality soy vehicle which not only keep setting quickly on paper, but also extend the time of skinning in tin packing, restraining the appearance of hickies in printed matter thereby.

3. Fast – drying, no set-off, glossy colorful, high concentration, clear printing node, high luster.

4. Excellent water adaptability, fast ink-water balance and high printing success rate to reduce waste.


Characteristic data:

NameColorTack(IR)Slamp Value(SR)Fine(um)
Web offset heat-set ink              HW soy Yellow5-7.519-21≤15
              HW soy Red5-7.519-21≤15
              HW soy Blue5-7.519-21≤15
              HW soy Black5-7.519-21≤15


IR:Ink meter at 32℃, 400R.P.M. for 1 minute.

SR:parallel plate viscometer at 25℃, the determination of the extension of the radius in a minute



1. The data are determined at stipulated conditions and they are only for reference, due to variousness and complexity of printing environment, printing substrate, machining condition and requirement of customers for chemical and physical characteristics of printed matter.

2. The quality guarantee period is 3 years and it can still be used after the period when the technical data are qualified.


Note: spot color ink can be made according to the special requirements of the customers.