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Offset Printing Ink with Good Performance

Product Details

Offset Printing Ink With Good Performance Code: SGS Yellow


Suitable for printing on coated paper and white board paper by four-color and duotone offset printing machines, for printing brochure, label, leaflets and  packing, it can meet requirement of printing speed faster than 10000 prints/hour.


1. Brilliant color, high transparency, better over printing, better printing node restoring.

2. Better heat stability, quick setting, better rubbing resistance, non-adhesion.

3. Better transitivity, better demulsification, high stability.

4. High fluidity, smooth printing.

5. Using soybean oil, non-toxic, no off- smell, Pb and Cr free, eco-friendly.

Characteristic data:




Slamp value







Light quick-drying offset printing ink          SGS Yellow           8.5-10.5         15.5-17.5≤1575≤5
          SGS Red           9-11         16.5-18.5≤1565≤5
          SGS Blue           9-11          16-18≤1565≤5
          SGS Black           9.5-11.5         16.5-18.5≤1570≤5


1. Tack: ink meter at 32, 400 R.P.M. for 1 minute.

2. Setting: printability tester, 157gsm coated paper, ink 0.125cc

3.Testing: at 25Humidity: 65%


1. The data are determined at stipulated conditions and they are only for reference, due to variousness and complexity of printing environment, printing substrate, machining condition and requirement of customers for chemical and physical characteristics of printed matter.

2. The quality guarantee period is 3 years and it can still be used after the period when the technical data are qualified.

Note: spot color ink can be made according to the special requirements of the customers.