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What Is Hot Melt Adhesive? What Are the Characteristics of Hot Melt Adhesives?

Published on Mar. 21, 2020

Unlike other types of adhesives, the characteristics of hot melt adhesives are more prominent. This kind of adhesive is not used in life, and it is mostly used in the industrial field. Many people don't know what hot melt adhesive is? It is an adhesive with strong plasticity. It can also be cured at room temperature to achieve good bondin

High temperature resistance hot melt adhesive has its own characteristics and has been recognized by users.

As an adhesive that is not low in usage, High Temperature Resistance Hot Melt Adhesive has its own characteristics and has been recognized by users.

Faster bonding:

Due to the use of hot-melt adhesives to make materials, the bonding speed has been improved. Generally speaking, from gluing to bonding, the shortest time is several seconds, and the longest is tens of seconds. Fast adhesive properties make hot melt adhesives more widely used.

Less Odor Bookbinding Hot Melt Adhesive

Less Odor Bookbinding Hot Melt Adhesive

Less odor bookbinding hot melt adhesive has no strict requirements on the bonding material and can be bonded with most materials. After the bonding is completed, the strength of its own force will continue to increase, and it will not easily bend or crack. Can be used in new energy, military, medical, aviation, marine, electronics, automotive, instrument, power supply, high-speed rail and other industries.

Stable performance, can be used repeatedly:

This is the main characteristic of hot melt adhesive, it can be used normally within a certain temperature range, and almost no problems occur. The stable performance of their own performance, so that users reduce worries. During use, heating can be repeated and bonding can be carried out multiple times to reduce waste.

Is the cost of hot melt adhesives high?

The advantages of hot melt adhesives outweigh the disadvantages, and they are suitable for use in industrial fields. Moreover, the cost is very low and can be used in large quantities. If it is used in large quantities, in order to avoid waste, it is recommended to use a machine to operate.

Hot melt adhesives are not poisonous and are not dangerous. Just pay attention when transporting and storing. Keep away from sunlight and moisture.

Hot melt adhesive supplier reminds you: Please pay attention to the following points when sealing the edge: 1) Pay attention to the range of substrates for different models of products. 2) It is best to seal the discarded small boards before each start, so that problems can be detected early. 3) When the ambient temperature is too low, the edge should not be too cold. If it is too cold, it will absorb heat and reduce the temperature, which will affect the bonding of the edge sealing strip and the hot melt adhesive. Summer thick.

4) When the ambient temperature is too low, you can make a lampshade on the turntable of the edge banding machine to heat the edge banding, so as to avoid too cold corners or sharp edges. 5) When the ambient temperature is too low, if the edge banding machine has a preheating device, the preheating temperature should be turned on to preheat the sheet. At the same time pay attention to the use temperature and speed. 6) Due to the large temperature difference in summer and winter, the opening time of hot melt adhesive is different, pay attention to the change in the use temperature. 7) Inventory products should be based on the principle of first in, first out.