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The difference between hot melt adhesive and self-adhesive

Published on Dec. 17, 2019

The difference between hot melt adhesive and self-adhesive:

First, the difference in viscosity

Hot-melt adhesive is a type of glue that is heated and adhered. The glue will only be sticky when it melts, and will solidify when cooled, without stickiness, similar to plastic. Different types of hot melt adhesives have different melting points, melting fingers and properties. The low melting point is around 70 ° C, usually 110 ° C, and the higher melting point can reach 180 ° C.

Self-adhesive is also self-adhesive. As the name implies, it is also viscous at normal temperature, with a relatively low melting point and a high melting index. Generally, it has a melting point of 40 ° C. Generally, the lower the melting point, the lower its viscosity after cooling. Lower, which is why the self-adhesive compound is easy to tear, but the hot-melt adhesive is difficult to tear.

Hot Melt Adhesive

Hot Melt Adhesive

Second, the difference between environmental protection

Hot melt adhesive is a type of plastic. It is colorless, odorless and transparent. It has no odor and pollution during processing. It is also colorless and odorless after cooling.

Although the self-adhesive is low in cost, it is seriously polluted during processing. The smell can be smelled when the radius of the circle is 300 meters, and the odor is also present during cooling. It can only be used as the glue type for low-end shoes. The smell on the shoe racks selling shoes is the smell of self-adhesive, which is why cheap shoes will ask for a clear pungent smell when opening the box, but high-end shoes do not have this smell, because they used hot melt adhesive used for shoe.

Third, the performance of the glue is different

Because EVA hot melt adhesive is solid when cooled, it can exist in many forms: powder, block, or made into a film, omentum, etc. There are many ways to apply glue, common powder points, dusting 3, adhesive film (reticulum) fit three kinds. The powder dots, dusting powders and omentum coatings are breathable.

The self-adhesive has a low melting point and is in a liquid state. It is difficult to make other shapes. The method of "brushing" is mainly used when applying glue. The disadvantage of this method is that the glue can easily block the pores on the fabric. If it is made into a shoe material setting cloth, it is difficult for the moisture in the shoes to be discharged, which will cause foot odor and other phenomena.