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The Origin And Development Of The Soybean Ink

Published on Apr. 11, 2019

The origin of soybean ink

The home page of the center for soy ink information in the United States tells the story of the discovery of this new environmentally friendly material: in the late 1970s, when oil prices were skyrocketing, the newspaper association of America recognized the need for more reliable printing materials. As a result, the association's research and development department tried more than 2000 vegetable oil scheme, the final determination of soybean oil this alternative solvent ink.

In 1987, an Iowa media outlet began printing with soy ink. In 2004, soybean ink became the main printing oil of American daily newspapers. In order to promote the development and use of soybean ink, the United States also established the "national soybean ink information center" in 1993. In 2005, soybean ink in the United States and the world to promote success.

The development of the soybean ink

"[soya ink] has been widely used in the United States, Japan and other countries, but Offset Printing Ink application in China is still quite limited," Wang shangwei wrote in China printing materials business. "There's a technical aspect to this, and a bigger part of it is a lack of awareness." He also believes that with the enhancement of environmental awareness, soybean ink in the domestic market will develop slowly.

Offset Printing Ink

China's soybean ink started relatively late, but in recent years for soybean ink demand is also in a state of rapid growth.

In fact, domestic ink companies have been smelling the fragrance of soybean ink. Wenxuan bean oil type offset printing light fast dry ink has obtained the American soybean oil association environmental protection certification, and in domestic sales.

Soy Based Offset Ink Supplier according to the American soybean association of ink made specific provision, cuhk soybean oil content requirements thermosetting offset printing ink wheel transformation cuhk shall not be less than 10% soybean oil content, offset printing sheet-fed printing ink is not lower than 20%, foam printing ink is not lower than 40%, offset printing press ink must be above 55%. When a product meets these standards, it can be labeled with the SOYSEAL label of the association to indicate environmental compliance.