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Soybean Ink Has Gradually Become the Development Trend (Part 1)

Published on May. 07, 2020

The green environmental protection is one of the hottest topics for the printing industry in recent years, along with the people environmental protection consciousness gradually improve, more and more people begin to pay close attention to printing the adverse impact on the environment and human health, green printing is a kind of saving resource, protecting the environment, maintaining ecological balance, beneficial to the physical and mental health practitioners, and meet the needs of the people safety consumption printing behavior. In fact, since the 1980 s, green printing has gradually become the mainstream of global printing industry development."

Green printing replaces traditional printing

According to the 2011 announcement on implementing green printing jointly issued by the general administration of press and publication and the ministry of environmental protection, "green printing" refers to "printing methods that have little impact on the ecological environment, cause little pollution and save resources and energy."The scope of implementing green printing includes printing production equipment, raw and auxiliary materials, production process, publications, packaging and decoration, and other printed matter, which involves the whole process of printing production. It can be said that green printing starts with the selection of raw materials, goes through the production, use, and ends in the recycling, in the entire printing life cycle to "green", and must be in harmony with the environment.

Soy based offset ink manufacturers believe that: in terms of specific concepts and practices, the requirements for green printing may vary between China and foreign countries, but they are consistent in terms of environmental friendliness, sustainability, and health benefits. In the 1980s, green printing began to appear in the United States, Germany, and other countries. Today, eco friendly soy based offset ink is not only a reflection of the level of scientific and technological development but also an effective way to replace the traditional printing method that produces environmental pollution and high energy consumption.

Eco Friendly Soy Based Offset Ink

Eco Friendly Soy Based Offset Ink

The industry believes that the main characteristics of green printing are reduced and moderate, non-toxic and harmless, pollution-free, and pollution-free. Reduction and moderation refer to the moderate printing with the least amount and the most simplified process under the condition of meeting the functions of information identification, protection, convenience, and sales of green printing. Non-toxic and harmless means that the printed material should not contain toxic substances, or toxic substances content control in the relevant standards; Pollution-free and pollution-free means that in the whole life cycle of printing products, environmental pollution, or pollution should not be caused.