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Advantages Of The Soybean Ink

Published on Apr. 04, 2019

Advantages Of The Soybean Ink

The first is environmental protection. Soybean Ink is the soybean oil slightly purified, and pigment, resin and other additives. Substituting vegetable oil for petroleum reduces the use of fossil materials and eases the strain on the earth's resources. And soybean ink required volatile organic matter than petroleum ink, reduce air pollution. Its pigment degradation rate is also standard gasoline ink four times.

The second is the economy. Soy ink is more pure than petroleum extracts, to achieve the same dyeing effect, the former requires less pigment, also reduces the ink cost. The hazardous waste research and information center of the Illinois department of energy and resources did a study on soy ink in the 1990s, and many printers reported that "soy ink can be up to 15 percent more malleable than normal ink, further reducing ink usage and thus printing costs."

                                       Soybean Ink

"Although the average price of soybean ink than gasoline ink on average 5%~10% higher, but in the pigment use, volatile organic compounds use and printer cleaning costs and other expenses, the former will spend less. What's more, with less soy ink, you can make a brighter than petroleum ink eye-catching prints. Overall, soy ink is more cost-effective!" Linda Cooke, writing in the journal of agricultural research, does just that.

Soybean ink has many advantages: rub not black hands, no stimulation odor, light resistance, heat resistance, more easy to recycle, color, etc.

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