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How Many Advantages Does Soy Ink Have?

Published on Jan. 24, 2019

Soy Based Offset Ink refers to an ink made by using soybean oil instead of a conventional petroleum solvent. Soybean oil is an edible oil. It can be completely integrated into the natural environment after decomposition. Soybean oil ink is a truly applicable environmentally friendly ink in various vegetable oils of formula.

Advantages: Soybean is abundant in production, low in price, and safe and reliable in performance. Compared with traditional inks, soy inks have bright color, high concentration, good gloss, good water adaptability and stability, friction resistance and drying resistance.

1.Environmental protection: Containing edible oil, renewable, non-hazardous, easy to recycle.

2. Less dosage: Soy ink is 15% more extensible, and reducing the amount is equivalent to saving costs.

3. Wide range of colors: Soy ink is rich in color, and the same amount of use is higher than that of traditional ink.

4. Light fast, light heat: not like the traditional ink is easy to decolorize, will not accelerate the evaporation due to temperature rise and emit a pungent odor.

5. Deinking easy to handle: when recycling waste printing, soy ink is easier to do deinking than traditional ink, and the paper damage is small, the waste residue after deinking is more likely to degrade.

Eco Friendly Quick Dry Soy Ink is widely used in the printing of children's books, and the printing of new non-woven bags can better reflect the environmental value of soybean ink.

Eco Friendly Quick Dry Soy Ink