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Soy Based Offset Ink Has Strong Market Competitiveness

Published on Jan. 07, 2019

Soy Based Offset Ink is a truly applicable environmentally friendly ink, and its output is abundant and its performance is safe and reliable. The printing effect is good and meets the standards of printing inks, and the environmental protection is excellent. Compared with traditional inks, it has bright color, high concentration, good gloss, good water adaptability and stability, friction resistance and drying resistance.

1. Environmental protection

Environmentally Friendly Soy Inks are free of VOC volatiles. VOC is a volatile organic compound contained in petroleum and contains aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons. It is one of the most potent carcinogens, ink manufacturing, printing, drying process or equipment cleaning and waste. When the ink is processed, a large amount of organic components volatilize, which not only seriously endangers the health of the production operators, but also causes great damage to the environment. At present, the volatilization of VOC in printing ink has become one of the important sources of environmental pollution. When manufacturing inks, printing drying, or cleaning manufacturing equipment and printing facilities, if soy ink is used, VOC emissions will be reduced, which is beneficial to the environment and health.

2. Good color

The raw material of the soybean ink is an edible oil such as salad oil. As a kind of refined vegetable oil, salad oil is processed through a series of strict refining processes such as decolorization, deodorization and removal of free fatty acids. It has excellent fluidity and coloration, high transparency, bright color and easy to fade. It is suitable for a wide range. Color printing.

3. Good inkability

Soybean oil inks drier slower than cured or waterless offset inks. However, from the practical results, the transferability of the ink is good, the ink in the field is good, and the ink on the bright spot is even.

Environmentally Friendly Soy Ink