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How To Adjust Printing Ink Color?

Published on Dec. 18, 2018

Four-colour printing products are printed with standard four-colour Soy Based Offset Ink according to the conventional process. However, when there are obvious differences in colour of a certain colour, the adjustment of ink volume can not meet the requirements of colour. We can consider the appropriate adjustment of the colour of the ink of a certain colour, so that the ink of the printed product meets the requirements of the original colour. For example, when we print a four-color trademark at one time, the color of pale orange-yellow plate after overlay has obvious reddish phase, and the yellow color has obvious deficiency feeling, which is quite different from the original color. The reduction of M-color ink and the increase of Y-color are limited and can not be adjusted to the same requirements as the original ink color. In this case, it seems that only by reducing M-color appropriately, can we adjust to the original ink color. Only by increasing the dot area of version Y and the dot area of version Y, can the effect of color adjustment be achieved effectively. However, it is not advisable to do so, which is time-consuming and will increase the economic cost. Through careful analysis and study of printing samples, the Soy Based Offset Ink Supplier finds that there is no single monochrome printing result in the whole layout except for the overlapping relationship between the Y-color part of the flat screen and the M-color plate of the flat screen.

Therefore, the author germinated in the "four-color red" ink, adding part of the "four-color yellow" ink, forming a special spot-color red ink for overlay printing, through this treatment, light orange overlay plate, printing color instantly achieves the same effect as the color of the sample, so that the printing color of the product finally meets customer's requirements. Similarly, when printing a series of printed materials with different materials, the color of a main color appears obviously lighter. For this reason, we can consider to adjust the ink color of a certain color to correct the printing ink color. This is also the simplest and quickest method.

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