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Prepress management of inks for clean production solutions

Published on May. 07, 2019

Prepress management of inks for clean production solutions

To improve the front:

Bookbinding Machine Use Hot Melt Adhesive supplier shares that traditional methods of ink prepress management attention is not enough, most manufacturers use manual management, in the environmental safety, color standards, proofing system, inventory control, use records, information systems and other aspects of the lack of a more complete and standardized management and control system. Ink cost is only a small part of the total cost of printed matter, but if ink management problems, will make the paper processing there is a great waste, even in the value-added chain of the downstream link exposed.

Bookbinding Machine Use Hot Melt Adhesive

After the improvement:

Using computer management system and automatic product distribution system is an important means to improve the ink room management level. Most printing enterprise and ink room should configure 1-2 technical management personnel, they should be responsible for printing ink, in addition also responsible for the color standard, buy ink, inventory management, management of waste film, summarizes the loss report and the summary using the record and the most important the use of total volatile organic compounds (VOC) record.

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