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How To Prevent Ink Crusts?

Published on Mar. 01, 2019

Such errors may occur during the manufacture of Offset Printing Ink or during printing. Adding a desiccant must be done in combination with the printing conditions and ambient temperature, otherwise the offset ink will crust when you don't want to dry.

The factors such as the amount of pigments, fillers, drier used, and the environmental temperature and humidity of the finished ink product have certain effects on the skin of the ink. Therefore, when using the anti-skinning agent, all the above aspects must be considered. The factors should also pay attention to the basic knowledge of the following five aspects:

Add amount

Generally calculated according to the ink material (because the main component of the skin is the main raw material of the ink) or calculated according to the total amount of printing ink, but also the influence of other ingredients.

2. Yellowing

Once the anti-skinning agent exceeds 0.3%, it tends to cause yellowing of the printed graphic film. Especially when used in white ink, it will cause yellowing after long-term storage. Therefore, strictly control the amount of addition or change to butyraldehyde oxime to avoid yellowing.

3. Hueness

After the anti-skinning agent is added to the Pigment Offset Printing Ink , it often directly affects the color of the ink. Usually, the effect of the varnish is greater than that of the color ink, and the white or yellow ink affects the ink larger than the dark color.

4. Gloss and weather resistance

After the anti-skinning agent is added, the gloss of the printing ink is not affected, but also has gloss retention. Second, after the addition of the additive, the weather resistance of the printed graphic ink film is significantly improved and improved.

5. How to use

The anti-skinning agent is generally added during the ink adjustment, and is added while stirring at normal temperature. For volatile inks, in order to control the ink, the colorant is crust during the grinding dispersion and storage, especially during the printing process, and it is preferable to add a part at the time of ink making, and it is preferable to add a part before printing.

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