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The influence of temperature and humidity on paper in ink printing

Published on Aug. 15, 2019

The influence of temperature and humidity on paper in ink printing shared by ECO friendly Offset Soy Printing Ink supplier.

The water content of paper is changed with the change of environmental temperature and humidity, paper absorption and loss of water to its own nature, structure and raw materials and other elements. Generally speaking, the higher the density level of paper, the longer the fiber, the higher the sizing, the lower the water content, otherwise the opposite.

The water content of paper consumed by paper mills is usually 5% ~ 7%. In the transportation, storage and printing process of paper, the water content will increase or decrease with different environments. The change of this water content is often harmful to consumption.

1. Paper absorption

Due to the temperature and humidity of the paper itself is lower than the environment temperature and humidity, paper in order to reach a balance with the environment, it is necessary to absorb water from the air, resulting in the density of paper around reduced, fiber gap increase, paper deformation is "lotus leaf", the four sides of ups and downs warping.

The deformation of the paper to the printing of the difficult is: on the downward swing front gauge of the machine, because the paper mouth wave fluctuation, it is difficult to enter the front gauge, the operator in order to achieve the goal, is bound to increase the pressure on the paper, the result is the side gauge pull paper is not in place, overprinter is not accurate.

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So that the paper will cross the front gauge directly into the printing unit rolling plate, blanket and other problems; On the upswing type of the front gauge, the paper raised part into the front gauge, and the front gauge paper tongue, pad press, the formation of the paper is not in place, affecting the overprinter accuracy. At the same time, paper drag slightly uneven, also to fly to the normal departure of paper brings some difficulty.

The paper of this kind of change on uncoated paper can be processed by the normal way of drying paper, and on 250g/m2 or more coated board paper, drying paper is very difficult to work.

Our treatment method is: as far as possible to use the same area of consumption with the factory climate paper, a few days in advance to cut the good paper pile into the workshop, let it have a compliance with the workshop environment process, in the printing process strictly control layout moisture, evenly stacked half waste.

2. Paper loss of water

Paper loss of water will form contraction, constitute a "tight edge", that is, the middle concave (or raised), four edge warped (or crouching), this paper in printing, a paper is difficult, two is when it enters the imprint drum, stress release uneven, easy to wrinkle, make the product scrapped. In addition to the above measures, we also close the doors and Windows and install curtains to ensure that the temperature and humidity of the workshop are not too low. When loading, knead and press the board.

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