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How to improve ink printing quality?

Published on Aug. 27, 2019

Carton printing ink poor? Don't ignore this myth. 

In recent years, with the continuous development of intelligent, carton printing industry also gradually on the intelligent road. However, carton printing manufacturers in the intelligent transformation at the same time, printing ink quality issues affecting the hearts of major printing manufacturers. Today, printing ink manufacturer will explain to you how to improve the carton printing efficiency, improve printing quality often overlooked a few small errors.

1, double scraper ≠ closed scraper

As we all know, there are many types of spatula in printing presses, such as single spatula and double spatula. And in the printing production process, especially after the link. It's important to choose a spatula. Many people generally think that the double scraper is a closed scraper, in fact, the double scraper is not a closed scraper, it USES the general single scraper mode. It is important to note that when the printing press is running at full speed, whether it is a single scraper or a non-sealed scraper, the Soy Based Offset Ink inside will be unstable, producing large color difference, and sometimes flying ink phenomenon will occur.

2, the common closed scraper 5 advantages

In the closed printing system, especially the air bag scraper, because its scraper, seal, etc. are installed on the cavity potential bracket, mechanically push them to the ceramic anilometer roller, and at the same time apply a certain pressure, transfer the ink pipe and return pipe to the ink pump and ink storage container. So, what are the advantages of this closed scraper?

Printing Ink for Offset Printing Machine

Printing Ink for Offset Printing Machine

(1) the ink layer of printing ink is more flexible and can be adjusted by air pressure, so as to reach the degree required by the operator. For example: printing a full plate can reduce the pressure value, the ink layer will thicken; On the other hand, small print, can increase the pressure value, the ink layer will be thinner.

(2) ink flow speed can also be adjusted through air pressure, to ensure the stability of the Soy Oil Based Offset Printing Ink.

(3) can adapt to the change of speed, through the automatic adjustment of air pressure, ensure the low speed production and high speed production color will not change, so as to ensure the consistency of printing color.

(4) the mechanical seat is also through air pressure to squeeze, compared with the device to squeeze squeegee much more uniform.

(5) compared with traditional scraper, air bag scraper can extend the service life by about 30%.

However, it should be noted that the airbag scraper is more suitable for full-plate printing and dot printing, because they can adjust the ink layer by adjusting the air pressure, so as to meet the requirements of small print products and ensure the quality of full-plate printing.