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How to Solve The Hot Melt Glue Blockage?

Published on Apr. 08, 2020

Hot melt adhesive has gradually become a necessity in our lives and work, because of its anti-oxidation, strength and other characteristics, its application is more and more widely, ranging from fabrics to furniture, everywhere You can use it to get it.

Hot melt adhesives are usually hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives. It is a kind of material based on thermoplastic polymer, which is coated in the molten state, wets the adherend, and can be quickly bonded by applying light pressure after cooling and hardening. The glue does not contain organic solvents, the coating speed is fast, safe and hygienic, so it is widely used in the disposable hygiene products industry.

Packaging hot melt adhesive is self-evident in sealing. Of course, only high-efficiency, high-quality and safe hot-melt adhesive machines can guarantee the quality of packaging products, although it is only a small sealing link. But quality is also a matter of decision.

Next, let's talk about some application problems of hot melt adhesives in packaging:

Hot melt glue is blocked, no glue

Cause Analysis:

1. The aging of the hot melt adhesive produces carbonization, the hot melt adhesive has impurities, and the hot melt adhesive has a high viscosity.

2. There is a problem with the glue application system of the hot melt adhesive machine, which is manifested by the unstable pressure of the glue application.

3. The workshop is dusty and the environment is poor. When the glue is added, some objects enter the glue tank. After high-temperature carbonization, the gun is blocked.

How to Solve The Hot Melt Glue Blockage?cid=96

Packaging Hot Melt Adhesive 

The adhesive is too sticky

Cause Analysis:

1. A large amount of glue

2. The shape design of the glue scraping is unreasonable.

3. Poor quality of the base film

4. The hot melt adhesive itself has high viscosity. For the problem of adhesive backing, the quality control of the hot melt adhesive should be well done.

Waist stickers cannot fit non-woven fabrics before winter

Cause Analysis:

1. The ambient temperature in the workshop is low, and the surface temperature of the front waist tape and non-woven fabric material is low.

2. It takes a few seconds to compound the waist tape after gluing with the non-woven fabric (the specific time depends on the production speed). When the ambient temperature is low, it will cause the curing of the hot melt adhesive, resulting in the failure to fit.

The structural adhesive has poor bonding performance in winter

Cause Analysis:

1. The structural adhesive has poor bonding performance in winter, mainly due to the low ambient temperature of the workshop, which leads to the early curing of the hot melt adhesive, which affects the bonding performance. Therefore, it is necessary to extend the development time of the hot melt adhesive to solve the problem.

2. In this case, it can be seen by tearing the substrate. There is glue on the surface of the substrate, but the substrate is not broken.