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Classification Of Water-based Inks

Published on Dec. 05, 2018

Classification of inks Modern inks are mainly divided into four categories according to the type:

1 letterpress ink

A type of ink used to print books, newspapers, albums, documents, books, etc. The main feature of letterpress printing is that the inking portion of the printing plate protrudes from the non-inking portion. The letterpress ink is divided into a printing ink, a copper ink, and a flexographic ink according to the type of the printing machine and the use of the printing product.

2 lithographic ink

A class of inks suitable for lithography. Each part of the lithographic layout is basically in a plane, the pattern is lipophilic, the non-pattern is hydrophilic, and the printing is performed by the principle of oil and water repelling, so the lithographic ink must have water resistance. According to the process, it is divided into High Glossy Sheet Fed Offset Printing Ink, web offset printing ink, flat offset printing ink, waterless offset printing ink, printing iron ink and lithographic printing ink.

3 gravure ink

A type of ink suitable for gravure printing. The ink is recessed on the pattern portion of the layout during printing, and the ink of the non-pattern portion is wiped or scraped, and then printed. There are engraved gravure inks and gravure inks.

4 mesh ink

A type of ink that prints through a mesh of a printing plate onto a printing surface. The mesh version ink is further divided into a writing ink and a screen printing ink.

Water-based ink is a water-based printing ink prepared by chemical process and physical mixing of aqueous polymer emulsion, organic pigment, resin, surfactant and related additives, because it replaces traditional ink with water by 30%~70%. The toxic organic solvent makes the ink no longer contain volatile organic solvents, so it has no adverse effect on the health of the workers during the printing process, and has no pollution to the atmospheric environment. It also eliminates the hidden dangers of flammable and explosive in the workplace and improves Security.

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