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[Soy ink for sale]What is optically changing ink?

Published on Jun. 10, 2019

What is optically changing ink?

As high-security documents such as cheques, banknotes, passports and credit CARDS are faked in large Numbers, the industry is already looking for new technologies in optics that can successfully protect documents from being copied. Soy based printing ink supplier shares that photochromic inks have this feature, it successfully protects high security documents from being forged. Today, in terms of passports or credit CARDS, more than 50 countries in the world use the anti-counterfeiting technology with color corner nature as a means of anti-counterfeiting, to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting.

What is optically changing ink?

Optical variable ink is a type of printing ink that contains a high precision interference color filter in a micro structure and displays two different colors depending on different angles.

Photochromic inks have been selected by more than 50 countries for currency security, this ink at 90 ° and 30 ° viewing Angle of different color change, thus ensuring that the color is not copied.

Soy based printing ink supplier

The high performance interference color filter for optically changing inks is made by precise vacuum deposition on roller coating equipment. The material must be able to achieve its maximum optical properties to achieve the desired anti-counterfeiting effect, as is the case with mica or wetted quartz.

The optical properties of pigment particles, which are only about 1 micron thick and 20 microns wide, enable them to produce strong color transformation characteristics (through physical phenomena to produce color), and their reflection, absorption, incidence and interference principles.

This allows us to analyze inks using physical phenomena only when accurate to each layer of the material. Photochromic ink is based on the interference filter made in vacuum memory to show the color change characteristics of the ink, but the choice of the color change material is very confusing. Generally speaking, the performance of the synthesized metal medium is much better than that of the whole medium, because the metal medium has a high opacity and high cost performance.

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