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What Ink Is Suitable For Food Plastic Packaging Printing?

Published on Nov. 30, 2018

With the improvement of living standards, people have put forward higher requirements for food packaging. Then ink as a printing material, when it is applied to food packaging, must adhere to the principle of no transfer. Now, the Soy Based Offset Ink Supplier is for everyone to analyze the appropriate food plastic packaging printing environmental ink is what ink!

Appropriate food plastic packaging is printed with environmentally friendly inks. Food packaging should not use conventional inks. The printer must ensure that all the solvents in the ink after printing are volatilized. The inks require complete curing and meet the corresponding standards in the application industry.

The environmentally friendly inks that have been introduced to the market are:

Eco Friendly Quick Dry Soy Ink

Eco Friendly Quick Dry Soy Ink is the ink used in most of the flexographic packaging printing at home and abroad. It is mainly processed by composite grinding of water-soluble resin, organic pigment, solvent and related additives. Water-soluble resin is a binder of water-based ink. Water-soluble acrylic resin is often used as a binder in China. It has significant advantages in heat resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, pollution resistance and glossiness, regardless of direct dispersion. Dissolved or synthetic polymer emulsions, all exhibit excellent performance. Water-based inks do not contain volatile organic solvents, which not only reduce the toxicity of printed residues, but also prevent fires caused by static electricity and flammable solvents. Water-based inks are not only a new type of "green" printing ink, but also the best alternative to benzene-soluble inks.

2. Ultraviolet (UV) curing ink

UV-curable ink refers to a cross-linking reaction of a binder in an ink under a certain wavelength of ultraviolet light, and a solid-state ink is converted from a liquid to a solid. Before the binder is dissolved, the macro-polymer prepolymer is firmly An ink film is formed. UV-curable inks are primarily used for flexible printing of flexible substrates, which consist of prepolymers, reactive diluents, pigments, additives, photoinitiators/compositions. The choice of reactive diluent has an effect on the migration reaction in the ink formulation; the performance of the additive on the ink (printability, ink migration, substrate wetting, friction coefficient, abrasion resistance, pigment dispersion and stability) The odor of the printed matter is adjusted; the spectral range of the absorption of the ultraviolet light by the pigment is required to be as small as possible, and the ideal pigment should have the characteristics of good dispersibility, good leveling property, strong coloring power, and small ultraviolet absorption under light irradiation.

Eco Friendly Quick Dry Soy Ink