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What is the Correct Way to Use Hot Melt Adhesive?

Published on Feb. 20, 2020

Hot melt adhesives are used both in the production and manufacturing of industrial enterprises and in daily life and work. The strength of hot melt adhesives is obvious, and the advantages are obvious. Therefore, the scope of application is becoming wider and wider. So, do you know the correct steps to use hot melt adhesives? Bookbinding hot melt adhesive manufacturer according to some information and consulting experienced construction personnel, the correct steps of using hot melt adhesives have been arranged, so take a look!

First, the correct use of hot melt adhesive

① When you see hot melt adhesive, many people think of its use temperature. The temperature of hot melt adhesive is divided into three steps, low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature. So when we use hot melt adhesive, we must first understand the working temperature of the hot melt adhesive.

② When using hot melt glue, a melt glue tank is needed, so there will be some residual glue accumulation in the melt glue tank, so we must clean the melt machine after use. If it is not cleaned in time, the effect of hot melt adhesive will be affected.

③ Avoid wind when using or placing the melt-adhesive device. Because the hot melt adhesive overflows, if it passes through the wind, it will reduce the problem of hot melt adhesive, affect the effect of coating, and even affect the strength and viscosity of the hot melt adhesive. Therefore, when using the melt glue device, be sure to avoid wind.

④ There are certain requirements for the humidity and temperature of the adherend. If the humidity and temperature of the adherend are too high or too low, the strength and viscosity of the adhesive may be affected, and even the phenomenon of opening glue may occur. Therefore, the humidity of the adherend must be below 10%, and the temperature must be higher than 15 ° C.

⑤ Try to avoid flying dust in the operating environment.

With the production needs of industrial enterprises, the procurement of hot melt adhesives is very important. Whether it is a company that purchases hot-melt adhesives for the first time, or a company that wants to change to a hot-melt adhesive supplier, then we must choose the most ideal brand and product from the three products, word of mouth, and after-sales.

Viewing eco-friendly, safe, and fast as our philosophy, we devote ourselves in developing various soy ink and adhesive products that can meet the demands of international environmental norms and energy conservation.

Purchasing hot-melt adhesives is a top priority for industrial production and production enterprises, and has a long way to go. Therefore, it is very important to choose a brand supplier with good quality and high cost performance! With the development of society and the continuous expansion of the adhesive market, the quality and performance of products will also make greater progress.

Hot Melt Adhesive

Hot Melt Adhesive