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Application Of Hot Melt Adhesive In The Field Of Box Packaging

Published on Feb. 07, 2020

As a new type of carton and carton packaging sealing method, hot-melt adhesive sealing has replaced traditional strapping packaging and tape packaging. It is used for carton packaging of various foods and carton of wine and dairy On the outer packaging. Because of the advantages of good packaging quality, beautiful appearance and low cost, the application of hot melt adhesive sealing boxes will become more and more widespread.

Advantages of high temperature resistance hot melt adhesive sealing

Hot-melt adhesive sealing is to melt the hot-melt adhesive into a liquid using a hot-melt machine, and then send it to the outer surface of the carton through the hose and spray gun of the hot-melt machine. After the hot-melt adhesive cools, the glue is finished. It can satisfy various requirements of carton sealing, and overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional carton sealing method. bookbinding hot melt adhesive manufacturer summarizes the following advantages:

High Temperature Resistance Hot Melt Adhesive SealingHigh Temperature Resistance Hot Melt Adhesive Sealing

Good packaging

It is necessary to transport the carton to taste the temperature and humidity changes and rough handling, but it is difficult to meet this demand with adhesive tape because of its poor adhesive strength, low tensile strength, and poor adhesion to coated or oily cardboard. The hot-melt adhesive has an excellent binding force with wet materials, and has strong penetration force. It plays a physical and chemical bonding effect between the corrugated paper and the backing paper. In addition, the hot-melt adhesive coating system can apply pressure to key parts of various shapes, such as the inside flap of a carton.

Secondly, the self-adhesive tape has poor low temperature resistance. It is easy to open in the northern cold climate; hot melt adhesive has good low temperature resistance, and can withstand low temperature of -40 ℃. In addition, the storage period of hot melt adhesive is up to 2 years, the storage area is small, and there is no special storage requirement; while the storage period of the adhesive tape is only half a year, it also requires certain storage conditions, otherwise it simply changes. Hot-melt adhesives also provide an excellent anti-theft function because the adhesive penetrates the corrugations and any test that opens the carton will tear the fibers. The tape can be cut with a knife, and the contents are unconsciously removed and sealed again.

Beautiful appearance

Nowadays, merchants need to pack the goods together, and they can also convey the product and company image through the packaging design. Therefore, it is better to have as few obstructive effects as possible. Adhesive tape often obscures the picture and disturbs the transmission of packaging information; hot-melt adhesive is bonded between the flaps, which can provide a larger display space.

Low cost

The use of hot-melt glue to seal the box is fast, and the entire bonding process can be completed in 1 to 3 seconds. It is suitable for batch production, low energy consumption and low cost.