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Harm and prevention of packaging printing ink skinning

Published on Jun. 03, 2019

Soy Printing Ink supplier China shares that packaging printing ink crust after measures, as everybody knows, when in the process of printing ink in the ink fountain for dry surface and form a level of membrane, or place a stirring device, or simply the ink pour out, otherwise, will be attached to the film roll, the result can make the layout form uneven, leading to print a mark of pollution. The reasons for the ink industry tend to:

(1) ink drying too fast;

(2) poor ink mobility;

(3) ink precipitation has been dry.

But this phenomenon is due to the evaporation of ink system, evaporation, or oxidation drying gradient is large, while printing: printing ink ink or ink fountain structure is bad, have no flow of remaining part, from the dryer leak air drying of printing ink surface or heat blower blows to the ink in the ink fountain.

Anti Skinning Offset Printing Ink

Although there are different opinions, but around the emergence of this phenomenon, printing operators generally adopt the following methods:

(1) do not use too fast drying ink;

(2) add medium and slow dry solvent;

(3) replace the deteriorated ink (that is, from poor liquidity to good liquidity);

(4) keep stirring in the ink bucket;

(5) a closed top cover is arranged on the ink bucket;

(6) adjust the heat blowing Angle. Generally have printing experience of common sense, when the concentration of ink dry speed too fast, or too light, or flow, thixotropy, ink or ink electrostatic, will take the transfer printing machine speed fast, not only to prevent ink early stem node on the plate, and overcome the packaging and printing ink film formation of the crust, eliminates the graphic markings of failure.

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