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What are the advantages of Soy Based Offset Ink?

Published on Sep. 19, 2019

What are the advantages of Soy Based Offset Ink? Following the Offset Printing Ink Supplier would like to share with us.

Advantages of Soy Based Offset Ink:

The first is environmental protection. Soybean ink is the soybean oil slightly purified, and pigment, resin and other additives mixed. Substituting vegetable oil for petroleum reduces the use of fossil fuels and relieves the strain on earth's resources. And soybean ink required volatile organic matter than petroleum ink, reduce air pollution. Its pigment degradation rate is also standard gasoline ink 4 times.

The second is the economy. Soy ink is purer than oil extract, to achieve the same dyeing effect, the former need less pigment, also reduce the ink cost. The hazardous waste research and information center of the Illinois department of energy and resources conducted a study on soy ink in the 1990s, and many printers reported that "soy ink can be 15% more malleable than normal ink, further reducing ink usage and printing costs."

Sheet-fed Offset Printing Ink

Sheet-fed Offset Printing Ink

"Although the average price of soybean ink is 5 to 10 percent higher than that of gasoline ink, the former spends less on pigment use, volatile organic matter use and printer cleaning costs. What's more, with less soy ink, you can produce more vibrant than petroleum ink eye-catching prints. Overall, soy ink is much more cost-effective!" Linda Cooke's paper in the journal of agricultural research does just that.

Soybean ink has a lot of advantages: rub not black hand, no irritating odor, light and heat resistance, more easy to recycle, color, etc.

The main purpose of 

Because soybean ink has environmental protection: soybean ink containing edible oil, renewable, no harm, good recovery; Resistant to rubbing, light and heat: unlike traditional ink, soy ink is not careful will be printed on the hands of the book, nor because of the heat on the copier and sticky paper, give off pungent smell; Color rich: soybean ink color range, the same amount than traditional ink has a better effect; Deinking easy to deal with: soybean ink in the recovery of waste printing ink is easier to deinking than traditional ink, less damage to the paper, deinking after the waste residue is better degradation. Therefore, soy ink is widely used in the printing of children's books, the new non-woven bag printing, more can reflect the environmental value of soy ink.

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